Asiatic Istanbul

Uskudar Downtown/ Kuzguncuk/Salacak/ Kadıkoy/Yeldeğirmeni/ Karacaahmet/Brief Bosphorus cruise crossing to Asiatic Istanbul



*Exploration of Bohemian Kuzguncuk Neighborhood

*Uskudar’s unique local non touristy marketplace

* Iconic monuments old and new

* Maiden’s tower  (under restoration until April 2023)

* Meeting with local artists, artisans

* Impressive murals by international artists  covering the walls of buildings of Kadıkoy

* Ethnic gastronomical experience options

*Ferry or yacht crossing to Asiatic Istanbul offering a  Bosphorus Straits cruise experience


Tour description

This tour takes you through some of the most impressive sites of Istanbul on

the Asian side.  For the time limited traveler , crossing by ferry or one of our axis

yachts also serves as a partial Bosphorus cruise offering great views of Istanbul.

To your surprise, once you cross to Asiatic Istanbul , you will be   among the very

few foreign visitors frequenting the sites here.



These sites are among those in Istanbul not so well publicized, which promises

a more authentic experience and exposure. As an instance in the European

side of Istanbul, while visiting a mosque the visitors are not allowed to stay

during a prayer time, missing this experience, not in Asiatic Istanbul. The artist,

artisan, merchant will be oversaturated after talking to 40-50 visitors on the

European side, but on the Asian side, as you are among the very few visitors

they come across, you will be welcomed warmly with a genuine interaction.

Below on the left, painter – sculptor holding Aylin posing while holding one of

her works with a visitor after introducing her works. On the right, Naim from

century old bakery introducing their famous cookies.


Uskudar/ Kuzguncuk/ Kadıköy

After crossing the Bosphorus bridge connecting the Europe and Asia; your

luxury vehicle drives along theBosphorus to Uskudar through

Erguvan – Judas tree lined upwooded yards, observing some

waterfront Yalis – mansions on theway.

Uskudar was Scutari in theByzantine times. Kuzguncuk,

formerly a Jewish district is today alovely Bohemian neighborhood

with over century old houses ,  sycamore trees , small artist

studios, cafés with an artsy touch, historical bakery with some of the

best cookies of Istanbul, cute cats on the street, and a feeling like

time has just stopped to flow,  including ourselves very willing to

spend the rest of the day here leisurely. Then we move towards Uskudar

through Erguvan – Judas Tree, sycamore and chestnut trees

lined up main street along the Bosphorus. There are old and new

iconic monuments to appreciate both from outside and inside. With

stories old and new, legends, related juicy political comments and some gossip.

All according to your interests.You will visit the first mosque of the world designed by a woman

and have lunch at a local authentic restaurant serving some of the most impressive meals of

from Gaziantep, which is among the culinary capitals of Turkey. There is a very

successful 18 course sampling menu giving a chance to try some very special


Exploration of Uskudar downtown, Kuzguncuk , Kadıköy

Authentic sites, marketplace and the restaurants of Uskudar offer an authentic experience away from

the tourist crowds. The in depth experience reveals the multicultural heritage – Jewish , Greek

Ortodox, Moslem, Ottoman, Byzantine monuments and its reflection to everyday life.

Maiden’s tower, the marketplace, with all the produce, spices, fish market, hidden delicacies with

flavors to be treasured a life time at more than couple of dozen places to choose from are all at your



Quaint, artsy, Bohemian, picturesque Kuzguncuk with century old sycamores and wooden houses

attracts many soup opera filming companies, and wedding photographers alike.  Photography session

of four or five couples on the same day is very common in summer. Charms of Kuzguncuk is waiting to

attract yourselves as well. This was originally a popular Jewish residential area, Especially

recognized among Jews from Eastern Europe: For those whose health was not going to enable them

to travel as far as Jerusalem this was considered as the next best thing. The stories and legends on a

lovely short walking tour meeting local artists with access to their studios depending on your interest

plus a regular stop to try some incredible local cookies.


Karacaahmet – Şakirin Mosque

The modern architecture mosque, Şakirin at the entrance of centuries old Ottoman cemetery

Karacaahmet, gained worldwide recognition as being the first and yet, the only mosque have been

designed by a woman, Zeynep Fadillioglu. Bringing some radical changes to mosque architecture as

well as the interior design the mosque is criticized or adored by experts as well as the worshippers and

visitors alike. Your guide will gladly share some great background during your visit to this outstanding

revolutionary mosque.

“Is Istanbul  more charming or Uskudar?”

This question by the famous European writer Edmondo De Amicis is actually pointing out a fact;  as we will

once again find it out together when you sign up for this tour.


Kadıkoy – Yeldeğirmeni

The hip Yeldeğirmeni neighborhood has got quite a number of graffiti works of Internationally

renowned artists. Without putting much effort into it , a brief detour will give us some great insight.


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